Popular Room Conversions: Patios, Attics & Garages / by Keith Moehle

At a certain point, every homeowner dreams about more square footage in their home… but a room addition isn’t always practical for those living on a budget. That’s where conversions come into play to bring you the extra space at a fraction of the cost!


There are 3 main types of conversions to get more square footage for your living space! Let's break each of these down and give you some more information!

1)    Let’s start off with Patio Conversions!

  • Patios are a great space to convert to a living space! But sometimes it isn’t so easy to enclose the space.

  • Your patio may not be able to sustain a room addition due to lack of support, it could need to be leveled to the inside of your existing home, or it may not be waterproof.

  • Patios typically gather moisture because of the humidity and rain. But, in some cases the moisture will build up from the ground underneath which can result in mold growing in between the foundation and the flooring which will be laid on top of it. There are things we can do to prevent this from happening, but we need to know beforehand so we can prepare for that!

2)    Next is Attic Conversions!

  • An attic is another great space you can convert into an extra room! We would open up a little bit of your roof to give you proper headspace and insulation.

  • This can be a great space for guests, a little office, or a little reading space all for yourself!

3)    Finally, let’s cover Garage Conversions!

  • Garage conversions are the least expensive of the conversions because you already have the foundation and 3 of the 4 walls!

  • First off, you need to make sure that this project is approved by your Homeowners Association. If they make you keep the garage door, we can actually build a wall behind it so it will have the same outside appearance, but will be insulated in the living space. Additionally, in the future if you or the next buyer prefer the traditional garage space you just need to tear down the wall!

  • You can also convert only half of the garage so you can have extra room, office space, or a workout area and still be able to park a car!

 All of these conversions are a unique alternative for homeowners on a budget! We don’t suggest these conversions to all of our clients, but if your space works we are ready to tackle the conversion to give you much-deserved room! There are precautions to take with each of these projects, but with great planning and professional designers to design your project, you are in good hands with KM Builders! 

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