Room Addition: KM Tips & Tricks / by Keith Moehle

Room additions are a popular remodeling project and KM Builders usually has at least one room addition taking place at all times. This sounds about right…because who doesn’t want more space?!


There are so many options when adding onto your home, but there are some KM Tips and Tricks you should know before you get started on your room addition!

  • Get 2 separate AC/Heating units for each floor or even a large 1st floor. This will allow you to be energy efficient and save some $$$ when you aren't using your entire home.

  • Get 2 separate water heaters for a large home. That way your water always stays heated for a long shower!

  • Watch out for tree roots prior to building an addition! Tree roots can destroy your room addition because the roots will grow under the foundation and crack it. The roots are typically as large as the tree’s canopy and there are precautions you can take to prevent it from harming the house including 1) Removing the tree 2) Removing part of the tree roots, & 3) Install a root shield which will block the tree's path to underneath your foundation.

  • Prior to building watch out for the water flow by your house. You don’t want to block the water flow with an addition and then end up with a drainage problem!

  • Clear the addition with your homeowners’ association because some can be very strict! But, if they deny you it doesn’t always mean it's the end! If you can prove that there has been another case like yours, you may have some variance from the HOA or the City of San Antonio.

With these KM Tips & Tricks you will be off to a great start to a successful room addition! We’re excited to work with you to professionally design and build the space of your dreams…what are you waiting for?  

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