Why be Wary of Remodeling Estimates? / by Keith Moehle


Let’s say you went to a restaurant and after finishing your meal the waiter gives you the bill which is 30% more than what the menu stated! The waiter then explains that the original price was actually just an estimate...

This may sound ludicrous, but in the remodeling world this happens all the time when remodeling companies use “estimates” instead of “exact quotes!”

If you receive an estimate, you can never be sure what you will pay in the end!

An estimate allows contractors to have some “wiggle room,” so it allows them to quote you a theoretically lower price which typically gets potential clients interested. This gives homeowners a false impression of what their project will cost, which leads them to fall into the temptation of signing a contract, without realizing they will most likely pay more since the “estimate” changes over time.

Some contractors aren’t trying to trick you and may think they are giving you an honest estimate at first. Unfortunately, because they don't have the completed design for your project it sets them up to misquote your estimate. These contractors haven’t done the research on the products you want installed to be and the labor that goes along with it! That is why you should always ask your potential contractor for an Exact Quote!

KM Builders gives each of our client's Exact Quotes. That way we are both on the same page with the overall price of whatever your remodeling project may be. This leaves our clients with peace of mind, knowing the realistic and fair price of the project.

Give us a call at (210) 680-KMCO to get started with a free consultation and then make your way onto an Exact Quote for your next project!

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