KM Builders + Exact Quotes = Peace of Mind / by Keith Moehle


It is so important for both the client and the contractor to be on the same page when it comes to the overall cost of a remodeling project. This is why an Exact Quote is invaluable compared to an ever-changing “estimate” that most contractors will give potential clients.

Some homeowners have had to pay up to 30% more than the original quoted “estimates.” This results in spending thousands of dollars more than you initially planned for.

Usually, this happens because the contractor does not have the final design plans for the project. Consequently, there is no way the contractor can give you a realistic estimate because he is not fully aware of what your project is going to call for.

So, the key to knowing what you will spend in the long run in a remodeling project is for us to complete a design plan for you.

We sit down with you for a full in-depth interview to discover and investigate exactly what you want in your project and we also bring up questions you may not even be thinking about. Licensed professional designers walk you through the process and then head back to the KM Office to research and calculate the costs of the project. Only then do we give our clients an EXACT QUOTE and break down the expenses for the base project and upgrade options if desired.

We do this design process every time, so we can give you an Exact Quote and guarantee to offer the lowest price with the highest quality from any of our competitors.

Professional Design Plans take effort and time to create and typically start at $2,000 depending on the size of your project. This saves our clients the hassle and headache of unexpected future bills which come along with “Remodeling Estimates”. KM clients have peace of mind knowing exactly what they are investing in which is a professionally designed project which will give them the space of their dreams.

You get what you pay for. So, if you are not investing anything in a professional design plan you can’t be certain you will get anything of value out of the project.

Just remember, you can have someone else design your next remodeling project, but then you’d have to live in it!  

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