The best advice to control those Rats & Mice: Part 2 / by Keith Moehle

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Have you taken the precautions to keep rodents out of your home, but they STILL managed to get in!

I know its a headache, because who who wants to have rodents playing house in your home! But don't worry! Typically in 2 weeks your rodent problem can be resolved when you reach out to our friend, Chance Taywater at Truly Nolen.

Chance gave us a breakdown of the steps that professionals, like Truly Nolen, take to remove those rats and mice from your home. There are 3 steps to removing rodents which will help you better understand what an rodent extermination would look like in your home. 

The 3 steps to eliminate a rodent problem:

1)    First, you have to properly close off all entryways, so they are trapped inside of your house.

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  • This may be a temporary fix like putting in hardware cloth so that you can fix the rodent problem ASAP.

  • Remember to get your handyman, carpenter, or builder to fix any entryways into your home.

2)    Secondly, remove their food and water sources

3)    Finally, you have to properly remove the rodents.

  • You should use snap traps or glue traps

  • NEVER use poison or bait. The rodents will feel sick and retreat back into your walls or attic and die there

  • Poison or bait can also cause second-hand poisoning if you’re child or house pet encounter the rodent!



If you start to see signs of rodents in your home, we encourage you to get a professional like Truly Nolen!

They can come in for a free consultation to see what you are up against! You can chek then out on their website or give them a call at 210-651-1720!