Bathtub vs. Shower: Who's Winning in 2018 / by Keith Moehle

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“Do I really need a bathtub in my house?” That is a question a lot of homeowners are asking nowadays.

Traditionally, 1 tub in a home been the standard, but many people are now opting for just 1 or no bathtubs at all! In 2018, more and more people and are choosing showers over bathtubs but it can still be a struggle for homeowners to confidently decide to let go of the bathtub altogether.

We want to try and make the decision easier for you by compiling a pros and cons list when deciding on bathtubs vs. showers. Let’s get started!

Bathtubs Pros:

  • Some people prefer to bath babies in a bathtub rather than a sink.

  • You can soak

  • You may have a desire to have a bath every now and then

Bathtubs Cons:

  • Losing popularity in past years

  • Takes up a lot of space

  • Dangerous to step in and out of tub

  • Requires lots of water

  • A risk of drowning

  • Higher risk of scalding since you are right underneath the faucet

  • Texture in the bathtub makes it easy to slip

  • Worse resell value vs. shower

Showers Pros:

  • Popular in 2018

  • Uses less water

  • Better texture. So, it’s more slip-resistant compared to a bathtub

  • Better Resell Value vs. bathtub

  • You can create a bench in the shower

  • Easy access for people with mobility issues

  • Babies can get showered with a handheld

Shower Cons:

  • Unable to soak

  • Unable to take a bath

  • Not practical for people with small children

In 2018, having no bathtubs will not hurt the resale value of your home! Nowadays, it is best to invest in a nice walk-in shower which can accommodate anyone with mobility issues and small children!