Aqua-Sana System: The Salt-Free Water Softener / by Keith Moehle

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When I think of water softeners I think of my personal struggle of getting a 40lb. bag of salt from the store, into my car and finally into my house to fill up my big water softener.

It is a pain, but If you live around the San Antonio area a water softener isn’t really an option…it’s a necessity because we have some of the hardest water in the country.

The Aqua-Sana system is a great alternative to a traditional water softener and we recommend this to all of our clients…Keith is even in the process of installing one in his home right now!

Aqua-Sana does not require salt or electricity and it doesn't waste water. Also, the Aqua-Sana system can be buried outside, so it eliminates a traditional bulky water softener in your house.


  • It is a zinc and copper medium that creates the energy transformation in the molecules of the calcium so they become calcite. They do not stick to the walls; it actually changes the molecular structure of the water so eliminates it from sticking.

  • In fact, if you do have calcium deposits in your water pipes (if you have not had a system), it will start leeching it out and cleaning out the pipes.

  • Over the years, it will remove all of the buildup, which proves how good it is at removing and not depositing.


  • You are going to have all the minerals you want in your water while eliminating salt, which is good for your body and your lawn!

  • High filtration filters remove: Contaminants, Chlorine, and 2 of the 3 molecules in fluoride!

  • They manufacture special Texas models to battle the hard South Texas water!

  • A buried system for your home costs just a little over $2k!

Our clients love this product, which is why we have had ZERO complaints about the Aqua-Sana system! Call us today & Keith would love to come out and talk to you about investing in a product which will be used by you and your family for years to come!

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