A kitchen or bathroom is not complete without cabinetry. There are so many options to choose from, but the first decision you have to make is whether you want manufactured or custom cabinetry.

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Both types of cabinets are great choices, but we want to give you a little more information so you can make an informed decision.

Let’s start off with manufactured cabinetry. Since they are made in a factory, it allows the cabinets to go through a chemical baking process that creates an extremely durable product with a consistent look regardless of the size of your order is. They also can guarantee a  delivery window and have a wide range of selections.

Now let’s move on to custom cabinetry. These cabinets are great but can face a lot more limitations and challenges compared to manufactured cabinets. First of all, these cabinets don’t go through a factory process, so they are susceptible to dust while they air dry. These cabinets tend less durable, and the finish might slightly differ if you order again.

You can have customizations with both types of cabinetry, so it really depends on what you want. At KM BUILDERS we have licensed interior designers to help you choose what kind of cabinets are right for you and to add beauty and functionality in your next remodel.

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