Universal Design should always be taken into consideration when remodeling, but some homeowners shy away from it because they want a beautiful remodel. Here’s a little secret... Universal design CAN be beautiful.

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When you remodel your home, our goal is that functionality should increased and the beauty enhanced. That is why we incorporate Universal Design options in all of our remodeling projects because we are keeping your future in mind. This being said, your remodel will not end up looking like your home came straight out of a nursing home! Universal Design has evolved to include style & elegance to every remodel.

There are several ways to incorporate Universal Design throughout your entire home. But you need to make sure that they meet the following criteria to be useful to you:

Flexibility & Use: You want to make sure that whatever is installed can be used by anyone. Whether they are left-handed, right-handed, tall, or short.

Simple & Intuitive: Universal Design is not very helpful if it isn’t easy to use. We minimize the steps that need to be taken for you to have functionality in whatever space Universal Design is incorporated.

Perceptible info: Probably the most important criteria to meet in Universal Design is that it isn’t confusing! Anyone should be able to come into your home and not even know it has Universal Design, because it should all flow together nicely. You shouldn’t need an instruction manual to enjoy your home.

If you meet these criteria you will truly get to enjoy a Universally Designed remodel in your home! If you have the slightest interest in this, contact KM BUILDERS because we are the experts & largest design-build remodeling business in San Antonio.

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