Let in Natural Light with Sola-Lite / by Keith Moehle


Natural lighting. It’s something that every homeowner wants, but it isn’t always a reality... or is it? 

You may find dark spaces all over your house…from closets, to hallways, to the kitchen and everything in between. Windows can be an expensive investment and sometimes that isn’t a solution to closed off areas in your home.

That’s where Sola-Lite comes into play to illuminate your home.

Sola-Lite brings in natural sunlight into any dark rooms in your home. They are able to do this by using ray bender technology through a small rooftop dome sunlight. So, if the sun hits the sunlight dome (no matter the angle) the “ray bending” technology will bend the ray which brings sunlight into the Sola-Lite tube into any area of your home.

BEFORE Sola-Lite

BEFORE Sola-Lite

AFTER Sola-Lite

AFTER Sola-Lite

The sunlight rays come into the Sola-Lite tube in two parts:

1)    Light rays: These travel through the tube to lighten up the darkest rooms in your house

2)    Heat rays: The heat rays will travel through the reflective coating of the tube and travel upwards. So, if you put your hand on the bottom of the tube it wouldn’t have any heat.

The tubes are flexible, bendable and can run up to 40 feet! So, you can get to any room in the house easily while placing the sunlight dome in an aesthetically pleasing spot on your roof. Installation typically only takes one day and our friends at Sola Light Texas offer a 5-year labor warranty and 10-year manufacturer warranty.

Sola-Lite is: 

  • Leak proof

  • Requires NO structural reframing

  • Requires NO tunneling

  • Requires NO drywall

  • Requires NO painting

  • Typically takes only 2 hours to install

Sola-Lite also provides a solar-powered moon-lit glow during the night which qualifies the product for a 30% TAX CREDIT!

That way you don't have to turn on every light in the house when you’re getting a snack from the kitchen or have to take a trip to the bathroom in the middle of the night.

Sola-lite will allow you to: 1) Save money on your energy bill, 2) Help the environment, 3) Lighten your house during the day and night!

We use it here are KM Builders and you can contact them directly to lighten up your already beautiful home. Installation only takes a few hours! 

So call our friend, Sean Bean today at (210) 764-7652 or visit their website!