Introduction to KM Builders / by Keith Moehle

KM Builders is a TRUE design-build firm

Why is this important? When choosing who is going to remodel your kitchen, you basically have 3 choices.

  1. An Architect An architect has no responsibility to build your projects – meaning you may end up with a home designed outside of your budget.

  2. A General Contractor This is NOT a designer. A general contractor will not be able to produce plans or designs. You will NEED designs to build off of, so you will need to hire a contractor AND a designer.

  3. A Design-Build Firm Yes, that is us. We are a 1 stop shop. We have TRUE designers. Be aware of the builders that call themselves design-build firms when they are not.(i.e. the contractor calls himself the designer) Keith has been doing remodeling for 30 years, a master in contracting as well as carpentry, but he does not refer to himself as a designer. We have on-staff designers who have years of schooling in design. They are degreed and/or licensed.

KM Builders has history

 Keith has been in the remodeling industry since he graduated high school over thirty years ago. With our combined staff, we have over 400 years of history and expert experience in the remodeling industry.

KM Builders has values

We put quality first. From the very start of a project, the design phase, we ensure that every detail is correct. We pride ourselves in creating readable, buildable designs for our construction team to follow. Once we proceed to the production phase, the quality continues with our project managers. Each of our 5 project managers are passionate for quality. We have 2 fantastic quality assurance managers who are present at each job site, staying informed of customer and project manager needs and issues.