KM BUILDERS HOME & GARDEN SHOW 2016 / by Keith Moehle

KM here for your #KMHS2016 overview, in case you missed it!

This year we decided to take on a different look with our booth.
We wanted to focus on the product, using our project history and knowledge, while still presenting you with some minimalistic eye candy. 
If you notice in the photos there are two screens pictured. There are two more screens opposite the two, all four showcasing a slideshow with 8 different projects on each screen, sorted phase by phase.
A single project contained 4 phases: Before, Demolition, Construction & After. Viewers were guided thru the 8 striking transformations by various designers at KM. 
Keith Moehle, General Manager, also partook in hosting a few seminars including 'How to Choose a Remodeling Contractor', and 'Aging in Place'. 

Do you remember the trivia question posted this weekend on your thoughts of what a certain material would be used for? Well, if you look closely at the photos in this post, it's plastic! It is plastic table cloth material weaved into a mobile ceiling to make the booth a little crafty. 

We thoroughly enjoyed meeting some of you and sharing with you our knowledge of remodeling. We hope to speak again, hopefully including a visit to our showroom! (7915 Mainland Dr. 78250 SATX)

Those are the highlights of this weekend and we will see you on social media later on this week!