• Problem: The Hutchins’ family wanted to update an outdated guest bathroom, so it could be ready by the time their daughters came back from their first year of college.

  • Wish List: Additional cabinetry, remove an unused bathtub, upgrade the shower

  • Solution: We updated the shower, removed the tub and added in a custom bench in its place, added LVP flooring, and new lighting.

The HUTCHINS’ Story started back in 2017…

These clients had been wanting to upgrade their upstairs bathroom for their twin girls for a while, so they took advantage of the empty space while the girls were away at college to tackle the project.

The bathroom had lots of potential because it was spacious, but it wasn't living up to its true potential. It was outdated and specific features of the room just didn't make sense for the family. One feature that the family no longer used was the bathtub. So we removed it and replaced the empty space with a bench with pull-out cabinets.

We also updated the flooring with Luxury Vinyl Plank which is impervious to water and scratch resistant which is perfect, for the family’s pet. KM BUILDERS also updated the lighting, and enlarged the shower to include a built-in bench!