• Problem: This couple found themselves as empty-nesters who were left with a home that needed some major remodeling! The layout of their large home needed to be updated to their current needs, so they wanted a complete 180 in all parts of their mid-century home.

  • Wish List: Expand laundry room, open walls to get a grand master bathroom suite, exterior updates for aesthetics & entertaining, a warm living room and top of the line kitchen.

  • Solution: Complete update of the interior & exterior of their home.

    THe taylor STORY STARTED BACK IN 2017…

    These empty-nesters lived in a large home in 1982 that was long overdue for a major remodel for the interior and the exterior of the house. They wanted someone that they could trust to do this massive project which is why they chose KM BUILDERS.

    Let’s begin talking about the exterior of the home. We installed new siding and added in an oversized front door to the home. We also replaced a stone wall around their courtyard with a privacy fence so they could still see the outdoor view while no one could look into the house. In the backyard of their home, we installed additional lighting, a sound system and a custom indoor-outdoor bar with a pop-up window that swings open for entertaining both outdoors & indoors. This unique window is actually a door with a large single glass insert that flips up with two pistons. This is very similar to how the back window of a car opens up. This window sits on a countertop that is level with the countertops inside the home.

    In the interior, we worked on everything on the first floor of their home which included a master suite & bath, two living areas, a powder room, a bathroom, a library, the kitchen, the dining room, and a laundry room. Here’s a breakdown of what we did in each of these rooms.

    • Main Living Room: The grand living room had a significant transformation. We removed the traditional fireplace and swapped it out with a gas?? Fireplace. We also installed automated skylights, custom shelves, sliding glass doors and beautiful Fir Douglas exposed beams to give the room character.

    • Kitchen: Upgrades to all appliances including a BlueStar cooktop, a Bluestar wall oven with French doors, a Galley Sink, new cabinetry and additional lighting.

    • Dining Room: A fresh coat of paint, additional lighting, a view to their courtyard and beyond with a new privacy fence instead of the former stone wall that was in place.

    • Living Room (off of the kitchen): This living room was rarely used before the remodel because of the darkness. We got rid of the wood paneling and replaced it with crisp white walls, exposed beams, and new windows and flooring to brighten up the room.

    • Powder Room: This bathroom has a unique live-edge mesquite counter as a statement piece that makes the room pop. They also removed the wallpaper and has a fresh coat of paint with a new lighting fixture.

    • Library: The empty-nester’s didn't see a reason for a library, so we converted it into a small living area to enjoy with company!

    • Master Suite: The room’s aesthetics were enhanced with exposed wooden beams, new flooring and contrasting wall colors. They also chose a barn door to lead them into their new master suite which allows them universal design for the future.

    • Master Bath: The original floor plan of this room was the master bath and an unused Jacuzzi room. Both areas were joined together which now offers them a walk-in shower, double sinks, a freestanding tub, under-cabinet lighting and his and her closets.

    • Bathroom: We removed a floating cabinet to make give the appearance of a larger room replaced it with a vanity sink to store bathroom necessities. We also installed a new toilet, tub, and backsplash to update the room.

    • Laundry Room: The Taylor’s no longer needed a 2-car garage, so we saw the opportunity to convert part of the garage into a dream laundry room. We shrunk the garage to give them a spacious laundry room that was finished with plenty of countertop space and with a calming blue color for the cabinetry.

    Although this was a massive project to undertake the Taylor’s were ecstatic when it was complete, and we were happy that we could give them exactly what they dreamed about; a beautiful house that fulfilled their current needs