Episode 3 - Waterproofing Issues / by Keith Moehle

In this podcast episode, Justin and Keith talk to Victor Drodz of 2D Homes about Waterproofing Issues.  

KM BUILDERS has worked with Victor Drodz for years and in this episode they talk about how Victor got into the industry at the age of 12 and discuss the knowledge he brings to the table. If you are trying to avoid waterproofing issues in veneers, stucco, and decks listen to this podcast for valuable information.

They discuss the reasons why nearly 50% of stucco houses in the US have a water issue which is resulting in millions of dollars of damage. This damage ranges from cosmetic to serious conditions that need to be addressed immediately by homeowners.

Keith, Justin, and Victor also discuss some of the reasons why homeowners aren’t aware of water damage and how you can avoid it with proper installation, selecting the correct house wrap and much more.

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You can find Victor Drodz on his website at 2dhomes.com or by calling (979) 774-1257 to if you have any waterproofing issues.

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