Episode 2 - Colors & Shapes / by Keith Moehle

Keith sits down with Jaimee Olivarez-Hernandez of Pink Door Designs to talk about what’s trending in colors & shapes this year.

Jaimee discusses the growing popularity of pinks, blues, blacks and whites that you can use throughout your home. They also touch on the use of textiles, wallpaper and patterns.

This podcast also dives into why you need a professional designer rather than relying on your pinterest board to design your home. Degreed professionals have an education and experience to aid them in guiding every client they work with to the perfect design in their home.

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You can find Jaime Olivarez-Hernandez on her website at http://www.pinkdoordesigns.com/ or by calling (832) 721-0802 to work with a fabulous leading interior designers.

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