Before you sign a remodeling contract, you should find out if the construction workers that will be working on your project are subcontractors or hired employees. This seems like an insignificant question, but the answer can be the difference between a sub-par or high-end finish to your project.


When your contractor hires subcontractors, he doesn’t have direct control over scheduling, communication, & quality control during the remodeling process.  He can’t manage people that aren't under his direct control. This is because the general contractor has better control of time, communication, and quality of your project when hired employees are working on your project. This is because the general contractor is their direct boss, so he is able to control and direct them on your project.

Timing, communication, & quality control are 3 reasons you want your contractor to avoid subcontractors! Let us explain...

  • Timing: There are times when your project needs to be a priority. Whether it means getting started or finishing up loose ends, or something goes wrong at the job site, and you need a professional to fix it. If your contractor works with subcontractors, he has no jurisdiction over them, so you have to wait for help because subcontractors have a number of different client job sites they are responsible for.  
  • Communication: It is challenging to have excellent communication with a third party. If your contractor hires his own employees, communication can be managed better.
  • Quality Control: KM BUILDERS has a high standard when it comes to all of our projects, which would not be met if we used subcontractors. You can’t force a subcontractor to uphold your own standards which is why we have in-house employees.

Nearly every homeowner fails to ask their contractor whether hired employees or subcontractors will be working on their project. But not you know how important this one question is if you genuinely want to invest in your next remodeling project.

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