A few weeks ago we had a lady call into our WOAI radio show on Saturday at 2PM to ask about the pros and cons on butcher blocks.

Butcher blocks are growing in popularity, due to their natural look which can give a great pop in your kitchen. If you have decided that a butcher block countertop is the right fit in your kitchen, make SURE you take these two steps: 1) You have the right people install it and 2) Be aware of the maintenance.

Let’s start with installation:  

Butcher blocks are NOT supposed to have a hard sealer on it! A hard sealer will allow contaminants to make its way underneath with any little cuts on the butcher block. The contamination will continue to grow with no way of cleaning under the hard sealer which can become a problem very quickly!

Now onto maintenance:

  • When preparing food, make you can use vinegar to assure that the surface is properly disinfected.
  • Get a small metal scraper or a strong brush to use when the butcher block gets messy.
  • Butcher blocks are prone to cracks, which is when moisture can make its way in. You can use butcher block oil to avoid this!
  • Do NOT use olive oil because this will eventually go rancid.
  • If you can find a butcher block oil that includes beeswax that is a great option for those with nut allergies and leaves alight beeswax aroma!
  • Eventually, you will get stains but you can use lemon juice to clean it off.
  • You can also sand the butcher block down when they get to the point where that they need to be totally refurbished.

If you are able to properly install and keep up with the proper maintenance, your butcher block can be enjoyed for years to come and be a great accent in your kitchen!

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