So you have decided to remodel your kitchen and now you are asking yourself “should I paint my old cabinets or get brand new ones?”. Let’s talk about it.

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We have made a list of pros and cons of replacing your cabinets for you to evaluate which option is right for you!


  • The cost isn’t significantly more than refacing your cabinets.

  • You will increase functionality with custom cabinets built for your needs

  • You will have a lifetime warranty with new cabinets

  • New cabinetry is not as costly as you may think

  • You have dozens of cabinet design, colors and finishes to select from


  • None of the finishes will give your cabinets a lifetime warranty

  • Refacing your cabinets will not improve the quality or functionality of your cabinets

  • It is costly to reface your cabinets correctly. It usually comes out to ⅔ the cost of new cabinetry

  • Some cabinetry cannot be resurfaced in your desired color selection

There are pros and cons with every comparison, but in this particular situation purchasing new cabinets has a lot more pros than the latter. If you need new cabinets because the existing cabinets are low quality, there is no way around it. Refacing your cabinets would be like putting a pretty bandaid on a huge wound. However, if your cabinets are functional, have plenty of space and are in excellent condition refacing your cabinets would be a great option!

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