Revamp Your Master Suite Bathroom! by Keith Moehle


One of my personal pet peeves has to be outdated bathrooms! I want my bathroom to be a clean, large space where I can get ready in the morning and unwind in the evenings. This is exactly why Master Suite bathroom remodels are so popular!

The shower is usually the main focus of the remodel and some features are:

  • Installing multiple shower heads
  • A waterfall shower
  • Accessibility for 2 people
  • Accessibility for a wheelchair
  • Benches and niches 

A designer tub also tends to be on our client’s wish lists and we can install a nice claw foot or garden tub depending on your wants.

The cost of a Master suite bathroom typically ranges from the high 20s into the 50s depending on the size and the amenities you wish to update or install in the project.

Some Common amenities offered include:

  • Wall movement
  • New lighting
  • Flooring
  • Mirrors
  • Sconce lighting on the side of the mirrors
  • TV Mirror
  • A coffee bar
  • Heated floors
  • Towel warmers
  • Under cabinet lighting

Our clients can decide what is most important to them when it comes to features & amenities in their Master bathroom suite, which will result in where they fall in the Master Suite bathroom remodeling price range. 

Let us help you get started on your relaxing dream bathroom today!



A few weeks ago we had a lady call into our WOAI radio show on Saturday at 2PM to ask about the pros and cons on butcher blocks.

Butcher blocks are growing in popularity, due to their natural look which can give a great pop in your kitchen. If you have decided that a butcher block countertop is the right fit in your kitchen, make SURE you take these two steps: 1) You have the right people install it and 2) Be aware of the maintenance.

Let’s start with installation:  

Butcher blocks are NOT supposed to have a hard sealer on it! A hard sealer will allow contaminants to make its way underneath with any little cuts on the butcher block. The contamination will continue to grow with no way of cleaning under the hard sealer which can become a problem very quickly!

Now onto maintenance:

  • When preparing food, make you can use vinegar to assure that the surface is properly disinfected.
  • Get a small metal scraper or a strong brush to use when the butcher block gets messy.
  • Butcher blocks are prone to cracks, which is when moisture can make its way in. You can use butcher block oil to avoid this!
  • Do NOT use olive oil because this will eventually go rancid.
  • If you can find a butcher block oil that includes beeswax that is a great option for those with nut allergies and leaves alight beeswax aroma!
  • Eventually, you will get stains but you can use lemon juice to clean it off.
  • You can also sand the butcher block down when they get to the point where that they need to be totally refurbished.

If you are able to properly install and keep up with the proper maintenance, your butcher block can be enjoyed for years to come and be a great accent in your kitchen!




KM Builders + Exact Quotes = Peace of Mind by Keith Moehle


It is so important for both the client and the contractor to be on the same page when it comes to the overall cost of a remodeling project. This is why an Exact Quote is invaluable compared to an ever-changing “estimate” that most contractors will give potential clients.

Some homeowners have had to pay up to 30% more than the original quoted “estimates.” This results in spending thousands of dollars more than you initially planned for.

Usually, this happens because the contractor does not have the final design plans for the project. Consequently, there is no way the contractor can give you a realistic estimate because he is not fully aware of what your project is going to call for.

So, the key to knowing what you will spend in the long run in a remodeling project is for us to complete a design plan for you.

We sit down with you for a full in-depth interview to discover and investigate exactly what you want in your project and we also bring up questions you may not even be thinking about. Licensed professional designers walk you through the process and then head back to the KM Office to research and calculate the costs of the project. Only then do we give our clients an EXACT QUOTE and break down the expenses for the base project and upgrade options if desired.

We do this design process every time, so we can give you an Exact Quote and guarantee to offer the lowest price with the highest quality from any of our competitors.

Professional Design Plans take effort and time to create and typically start at $2,000 depending on the size of your project. This saves our clients the hassle and headache of unexpected future bills which come along with “Remodeling Estimates”. KM clients have peace of mind knowing exactly what they are investing in which is a professionally designed project which will give them the space of their dreams.

You get what you pay for. So, if you are not investing anything in a professional design plan you can’t be certain you will get anything of value out of the project.

Just remember, you can have someone else design your next remodeling project, but then you’d have to live in it!  

Why be Wary of Remodeling Estimates? by Keith Moehle


Let’s say you went to a restaurant and after finishing your meal the waiter gives you the bill which is 30% more than what the menu stated! The waiter then explains that the original price was actually just an estimate...

This may sound ludicrous, but in the remodeling world this happens all the time when remodeling companies use “estimates” instead of “exact quotes!”

If you receive an estimate, you can never be sure what you will pay in the end!

An estimate allows contractors to have some “wiggle room,” so it allows them to quote you a theoretically lower price which typically gets potential clients interested. This gives homeowners a false impression of what their project will cost, which leads them to fall into the temptation of signing a contract, without realizing they will most likely pay more since the “estimate” changes over time.

Some contractors aren’t trying to trick you and may think they are giving you an honest estimate at first. Unfortunately, because they don't have the completed design for your project it sets them up to misquote your estimate. These contractors haven’t done the research on the products you want installed to be and the labor that goes along with it! That is why you should always ask your potential contractor for an Exact Quote!

KM Builders gives each of our client's Exact Quotes. That way we are both on the same page with the overall price of whatever your remodeling project may be. This leaves our clients with peace of mind, knowing the realistic and fair price of the project.

Give us a call at (210) 680-KMCO to get started with a free consultation and then make your way onto an Exact Quote for your next project!

Cracking Down on Crooked Contractors by Keith Moehle


When you are looking for someone to do a room addition or remodeling project in your home you want to find someone you can trust.

Unfortunately, it can be dangerous to do business with contractors when you don't know their history.

There are plenty of crooked contractors out there and we at KM Builders want to expose them for the greater good of the business. We aren't trying to say we are the best contractor in San Antonio, but we ultimately want to expose contractors that aren’t treating their clients fairly.

Keith would love to come out and give you a free consultation on your project, but we also want to give you some things to look out for in order to “Crack Down on Crooked Contractors!”

  • First off, ask for customer reviews! Contractors should be able to show you client reviews and before and after pictures from past clients. They should also be open to give you contact information so you can verify these reviews.
  • Do some online research! Find out how long have they been in business, how many employees they have, check them out on their social media platforms and go to their office or showroom.
  • Ask if they have liability insurance to cover any part of the labor, project, or completed projects. They are not required to give you any of this information, but you should be reluctant to do business with anyone who doesn't seem to want to give out their information.
  • Crooked Contractors and scammers know that they seldom get checked on by a client! So, you should be hesitant about anyone who won’t give you access to verify their customer reviews & insurance policy.

If you or someone you know have Crooked Contractor horror stories we want to hear about it!

Call into our radio show on WOAI on Saturday’s @ 2 PM to talk to Keith to tell us your story! 

Hopefully, we can help you “Crack Down on Crooked Contractors” to help you and the remodeling business in San Antonio grow to a higher standard of trust and respect for our clients! 

Aqua-Sana System: The Salt-Free Water Softener by Keith Moehle

Benson Baths_0733_w_o_rugs_HiRes.jpg

When I think of water softeners I think of my personal struggle of getting a 40lb. bag of salt from the store, into my car and finally into my house to fill up my big water softener.

It is a pain, but If you live around the San Antonio area a water softener isn’t really an option…it’s a necessity because we have some of the hardest water in the country.

The Aqua-Sana system is a great alternative to a traditional water softener and we recommend this to all of our clients…Keith is even in the process of installing one in his home right now!

Aqua-Sana does not require salt or electricity and it doesn't waste water. Also, the Aqua-Sana system can be buried outside, so it eliminates a traditional bulky water softener in your house.


  • It is a zinc and copper medium that creates the energy transformation in the molecules of the calcium so they become calcite. They do not stick to the walls; it actually changes the molecular structure of the water so eliminates it from sticking.
  • In fact, if you do have calcium deposits in your water pipes (if you have not had a system), it will start leeching it out and cleaning out the pipes.
  • Over the years, it will remove all of the buildup, which proves how good it is at removing and not depositing.


  • You are going to have all the minerals you want in your water while eliminating salt, which is good for your body and your lawn!
  • High filtration filters remove: Contaminants, Chlorine, and 2 of the 3 molecules in fluoride!
  • They manufacture special Texas models to battle the hard South Texas water!
  • A buried system for your home costs just a little over $2k!

Our clients love this product, which is why we have had ZERO complaints about the Aqua-Sana system! Call us today & Keith would love to come out and talk to you about investing in a product which will be used by you and your family for years to come!